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Design Concept & Statement


Compete against winners from 14 other geographical locations to win
the Asia Young Designer of the Year.


Design Discovery is a six-week summer program at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design (GSD), which welcomes people—from recent high school and college graduates to seasoned professionals—who want to explore the possibilities. Some participants are considering a career in design or planning, but not all. The programme offers:

  • A chance to learn rst-hand what it’s like to pursue an education and possibly a career in the different elds of architecture and design

  • A rigorous course of intensive studio work, lectures, workshops, critiques, and eld trips - sometimes social, and sometimes solitary

  • An immersive culture that is challenging, rewarding, and exhilarating

  • An opportunity to experience and gain an in-depth perspective from future leaders in the elds of design

SECTION 1Disclaimers and Remarks

  • AYDA Awards is an extension of Nippon Paint Holdings Singapore Pte Ltd (NIPSEA Group). It is NIPSEA's inclusive business arm promoting its education initiatives where it serves as a competition and awards recognition platform for architectural and interior design students globally.
  • The Design Discovery Program at Harvard University's Graduate School of Design (Harvard GSD) is NOT a sponsor, contributor and/or a partner of AYDA Awards or NIPSEA, its organisers and/or its associated affiliates.
  • Acceptance into the Harvard GSD is subject to Terms & Acceptance determined in entirety and solely by the Harvard GSD's Admission Authorities and/or its faculties.
  • Any and/or all decisions on entry acceptance and/or non-acceptance to its programs decided by the Harvard GSD is final. Responses and/or reasons may or may not be offered at the sole discretion of the Harvard GSD.
  • AYDA Awards and/or its associated organisers, partners, agencies, sponsors and/or its employees will not be held responsible for non-acceptance of the winners) of ADA Awards due to circumstances that are not within its control and/or scope of authorisation; for whatever reason, whatsoever.
  • AYDA Awards, its associated organisers and/or its employees will endeavour to assist the winners) to submit and provide additional information within its scope to support their application towards the Design Discovery Program at Harvard GSD. However, the student must be responsible in finding out the requirements to apply for the program as well as to prepare and submit all necessary documents to Harvard SD. AYDA Awards will only be assisting where necessary -primarily on matters with fee payments.
  • AYDA Awards is not responsible for applying for the required visa for the winner(s). The winner(s)' sole responsibility is to own a valid visa and/or apply for their own. However, the winners) can request certification and support from the organiser.

SECTION 2 Cost, Tuition, Restrictions and Conditions

Upon successful acceptance of your application by the Harvard GSD and Visa approval by the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and/or approvals required of you and any other Government or Institutional authorities; organisers of ADA, NIPSEA Group and/or your local AY DA representatives will assist you with all other matters to prepare you for your program at Harvard GSD in the June 2025* cohort.

*The dates may be subjected to change depending on the status of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The tuition and accommodation fees during your Harvard GSD Design Discovery Program will be paid for by AYDA/NIPSEA. AYDA/NIPSEA will undertake the following cost only up to the maximum amount of USD 10,000.00:

  • One (1) Return Air Ticket inclusive of all taxes and airport charges. (Additional luggage charges, other than what's included in the fare, are not included and will not be covered by AYDA/NIPSEA).
  • Transfer to and from the airport to Harvard GSD's Admission Office/Campus Housing.
  • Tuition fees and material fees are fully paid for
  • Travel insurance with health insurance.
  • Miscellaneous expenditure e.g. personal shopping, personal care products or expenses, entertainment, sightseeing, tours etc. are not included. Please prepare sufficient USD for your personal use.
  • Family members and/or friends are not allowed to accompany you on this program, nor are they allowed to share the housing facility that is provided to you by AYDA/NIPSEA.
  • Reimbursement Process:
    AYDA/ NIPSEA will make the payment for the Design Discovery Program's tuition and material fees directly to Harvard GSD.
    Winner(s) would need to first show proof of purchase of flight tickets and payment for accommodation prior to AYDA/ NIPSEA releasing the remaining funds to the winner(s).
    The remaining fund provided to the winners) can be used for logistical purposes, travel insurance, medical insurance and other relevant cost in relation to the Design Discovery Program.
  • Exceptions and conditions:
    You must hold a valid Visa or apply for your Visa as part of your application to Harvard GSD.
    Should your application be rejected by Harvard GSD or you are denied/fail to obtain a US entry visa, the compensation may be offered in lieu. The amount of the compensation will only be up to USD 5,000.00 only.
  • However, it will be at the sole discretion of the organisers of ADA/NIPSEA.
  • Winner(s) are granted a maximum of two (2) years of grace period to either accept or deny the offer to either attend the Harvard SD Design Discovery Program or accept the compensation of USD 5,000.00.


  • Participants must be enrolled in interior design, architectural and/or other relevant courses at an educational institution upon the time of submission
  • Participants will be disqualified if the participant is found to have graduated upon the time of submission.
  • This award is open to all interior design students in their second year and above, as well as architectural students in their third year and above.
  • Participants must have less than one (1) year of professional working experience. University/college mandated internships are considered as professional work experience if the one (1) year internship period happens after the participant has graduated.
  • Only one entry in each category is allowed per student.
  • The final date of submission is 31st October 2024
  • The rights of all entries remain with the participants, Nippon Paint Group of Companies reserve the right to use the entries for promotional purposes.
  • The Judges' decisions are final.
  • Shortlisted candidates will be notified to make an oral presentation as part of the final judging procurement.
  • Shortlisted candidates will be invited to make a presentation to the jury..
  • Winners will be notified to attend a ceremony. Winning entries may be featured in marketing and promotional materials as deemed appropriate by the organizer and sponsor.
  • Winners will bear all the expenses for travel costs and other incidentals relating to their appearance at the launch, oral presentation, and national level award ceremony.
  • Prizes are non-transferable and non-exchangeable for cash or credit.
  • The organizer reserves the right to substitute prizes with another product of similar retail value without prior notice
  • All participating students need to have a valid passport at the time of application.
  • Only international grand title winners are not allowed to participate in future ADA Awards competition. We welcome repeat applications whenever possible.

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